The untrained dog that is badly treated needs to go to Animal Rescued Center

I have lived with my friend for about 10 months.

The only thing sadder than my roommates life is the life she gives to her dog. I’ll be honest I absolutely hate her dog, but I know it’s not the dogs fault because she has had such a shitty owner. The dog has no manners because she was never disciplined for jumping on people, she was never told no for being aggressive towards people or dogs (luckily she’s not super people aggressive, but she will bark at strangers and jump at people to knock them down). This dog isn’t even house trained, and her owner literally pretends not to see her piss or shit around the house to avoid cleaning it up. She’s left piss and shit in the living room for over a week before cleaning it up (when she wanted to have friends over to watch film and realized we weren’t going to clean up after her dog).

Eventually she started keeping her dog in her own room when she had to go to work so it wouldn’t go to the bathroom in the common areas. But that was short lived as the dog started just going all over her room. So she started leaving her in a crate- which I’m okay with to an extent.. however, she doesn’t even bother to leave her a toy to keep her occupied. To make it even worse she leaves her in the crate for way too long with the record being 21 hours. She doesn’t arrange for anyone to come let her dog outside. A new roommate moved in and she asked her to do it for a bit before she said she couldn’t anymore (he was only asking her because she’s cute and wanted to get close to her). She regularly leaves the dog in the crate for 18-20 hours so she can go get drunk after work. On Friday’s she will leave the dog even longer. Last weekend she put the dog in the crate at 7am, came home and let her out for 2 minutes at 4pm, then put him immediately back in her crate so She could go party. She didn’t come back until 2pm the next day meaning she was basically in a crate for 30 hours. Another time she left the dog alone for 2 days in her room without making any arrangements to have her let out.

She tries to say the dog has separation anxiety and that’s why she goes to the bathroom inside. I don’t think so because she also pees and poops around the house when roommate is here playing video games, AND roommate has taken no action to help with separation anxiety.

She regularly forgets to feed her dog to the point that my roommate used to give her food and water when roommate was at work.

Her dog is lucky to get one walk a month. I have even timed two of his walks. Once in the fall at 15 minutes. Once last week for 20 minutes. She gets let outside for basically 2 minutes 3 times a day (before roommates work, after work, and before bed). When roommate is home she is either watching video games or getting fucked up drinking and doing blow. Although if it is nice outside (we are in Canada, so almost half the year sucks) roommate will spend time sitting outside and the dog will get to go with her, but she doesn’t play with her or anything, and we have a small yard.

She’s been told multiple times she needs to care better for her dog. We’ve told her she needs to get more walks, she needs more attention, she needs not to be left in a crate for so long. But roommate doesn’t give a fuck. I’ve had enough of seeing her dog treated so poorly, and our lease ends on May 1st, so I figured it was now or never.

I do admit that I feel kind of bad because my dog means so much to me, and I would be so upset if someone thought my dogs needs weren’t being met. But I guess that’s where we’re different.
I finally called the animal helping center for her dog. The dog needs a proper place to live.