Bad experience with trainer dog

So I’m not sure why I’m posting this as there’s nothing that can be done about it now, but I just had a pretty traumatic experience with a trainer and I guess I’d just like to vent….

So I booked a trainer through a well known service that advertises 100% positive reinforcement dog training, and they put me in contact with one of their trainers.

The trainer came over today and as usual my boy was being rambunctious and barking and jumping so she had me put him in his crate. Eventually he settled down, and so she opened his crate door and told him to stay. Well, eventually his excitement got the best of him and he tried to get out, at which point she yelled “NO!” and slammed the door shut. I was kind of shocked at this point but sort of thinking “yeah maybe he does need some more discipline…” but when she finally released him from the crate he seemed really scared and was like, cowering and maybe shaking a little bit. I’ve never seen him react that way before to anything (I don’t use any aversive training methods). The trainer seemed pleased with this as if scaring him like that would teach him a lesson.

I told the trainer I wasn’t interested in continuing with the session, but I feel so terrible that I exposed him to this. I was basically in tears when she left, and am still super anxious that this could have some kind of lasting effect on the little guy. I guess i’m probably overreacting but the whole experience just made me feel so awful. anyways thanks for reading and I guess don’t trust a trainer just because they come from a reputable service.