Nutrition prevents breast cancer

“You are what you eat”
Yes. Research has shown us how important eating a variety of nutritiously dense food is for optimizing our health.
For women, The Food As Medicine Institute looks into well researched foods that may help women prevent breast cancer.
We can improve our health every time we prepare meals for ourselves! If you want to receive the full cancer fighting benefits,you will eat or drink multiple servings a day or week. For a holistic wellness plan, it is very important to pay attention to eat foods that are nutrient dense and contain cancer-fighting properties, get regularly scheduled screening exams.
Women can prevent breast cancer through nutrition everyday they eat.
You can refer the foods that can low the risk of cancer by read the title:
In this title I want to tell you the detail of preventing breast cancer.

1. Walnuts
Walnuts have been shown to slow tumor growth. Walnuts contain antioxidants, essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids and more… that can help limit and inhibit the activity of free radicals. Researchers advice that you should eat a small handful of walnuts everyday to get a great addition to many individual’s diets.
2. Green tea
Of course! Nothing need to discuss!! We have the details about the benefits of green tea. Many researches showed green tea may be particularly effective at protection cells against environmental exposure and lower the risk of cancer specially breast cancer.
3. Fish
Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna provides a lean protein source that is healthy alternative to chicken and red meat as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits. In additionally, these are excellent saourse of omega-3s and essential fatty acids.
4. Turmeric
Turmeric contains many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties(curcumin). Turmeric also contains a polyphenol, which has been recognized as an anti-cancer and chemo-preventative agent. Inflammation is a normal process our body uses to heal, it can spiral out of control if left unchecked. Inflammation contributes to almost every single chronic illness, including breast cancer so limiting inflammation is important. Turmeric can prevent in this process. You can add to many dishes. Be sure to pair it with black pepper in order to activate it’s full potential.
5. Colorful Fruits
Fruits and veggies have bright colors: blues, reds, purples,… contain, examples: berries, apples, pomegranate,.. are beneficial for our health. They contain antioxidants that help take care of free radicals which we are exposed to in our environment and produce in our bodies as a natural byproduct of metabolism. Free radicals can cause damage to our cells, cell damage can lead to cancers including breast cancer, and so a diet rich in antioxidants is an important part of cancer prevention.
6. Potatoes
Potatoes has an important role in supporting our immune system by they contain nutrients that assist in a number of important ways to benefit our health. B vitamins and potassium in potatoes provide the body with a number of health benefits. If we want to prevent breast cancer, immune health is crucial. Immune system is to find out abnormal cells and destroy them. Compounds in potatoes like as a dietary component in preventing cancer cell growth in a number of different types of cancer.
7. Cruciferous vegetables
Broccoli, cauliflowwer, brussels sprouts and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables that contain a compound sulforaphane. Many researches has shown this compound can block breast cancer tumor growth. You should eat these vegetables daily.
In conclusion:
We want to impress that there is no strong evidence that any specific foods will lower the risk of getting breast cancer. However many studies are looking at the relationship between nutrition and breast cancer risk. This is same to the stronger the immune system is, the lower breat cancer is. Many researches showed that for women who are interested in eating well to reduce their risk of ever getting breast cancer.

We have some suggestions for you to keep your risk of breast cancer as low as possible.
+ Providing you with good nutrition that is high in omega-3 fatty acids.
+ Keep your body weight according the body mass index.
+ Eat vegetables and fruit.
+ Advoid trans fats, processed meats, smoked foods.

Top 9 foods that help prevent cancer

How to prevent cancer?
How to fight against cancer?
Why do we have to prevent cancer?
Cancer is a group of diseases that cells are multiplying in an uncontrollable manner. Cancers will continue to kill the millions of people in the world.

Our primary protection against cancer is the immune system. We can help our immune system by exercising, avoiding stress, avoid tobaco, breathe clean air and eating clean food. Clean food supplies nutrition for our help the immune system stronger.
Nutrition plays a vital role in preventing and treating many diseases and conditions, including cancer. If you have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, you can help prevent the risk of cancer. Fruits and vegetables have benefits to our body. We all know that greens are very high in antioxidants which can help to reduce a wide range of cancers and other health problems. Below these are foods that you should eat everyday to support our body prevent the risk of cancer.

1. Green tea
In green tea, there are an exceptional ly high antioxidants, which can combat cancer by neutralizing free radicals in theoretical. Drinking green tea is known as a natural approach to reduceing your cancer.
According to a report on Oral Oncology, Green tea can protect effectively on oral cancer.
A japanese study showed that the men who drank 5 or more cups of tea a day prostate cancer notably.
This can reduce by 50% the risk that their prostate cancer would proress to an advantage stage.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a plant compound found in cruciferous vegetables that may have potent anticancer properties. Many studies showed that sulforaphane reduced the size and number of breast cancer cells by up to 75%.
In addition, animals studies found that treating mice with sulforaphane helped kill off prostate cancer cells and reduced tumour volume by more than 50%. A analysis of 35 studies showed that eating more cruciferous vegetables was associated with a lower risk of colorectal and colon cancer.
Including, broccoli everyday can help us fight benefits. However,keep in mind that the available research hasn’t looked directly at how broccoli may affect cancer in humans.
3. Carrots

Carots are not only a familiar food with a high nutritional value, but also they can help your skin, hair more beautiful and prevent some common diseases. Eating more carrots can decrease the risk of certain types of cancer has found in many studies. Using carrots in your meal a few per week increases your intake and potentially reduce your risk of cancer. The reason for this is carrots contain many anti-chemical agents like poly- acetylene, falcarinol are capable of fighting against cancer by destroying precancerous cells in tumors. Therefore, carrots have effectively anti-caner properties as well as inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
4. Beans

Beans are the important food that can improve public health and nutrition. Beans are the rich source of non digested compounds like fibre, phenolics, peptideds and phytochemicals that are benefit our health.

Beans can help our body against colorectal cancer. In beans, fibre is so high that can block the development of cancer cells by up to 75% ( according an animal study). We should eat a few servings of beans every week to help our body increase fibre intake and help lower the risk of developing cancer.
5. Olive oil

Many studies showed that people who consumed the greatest amount of olive oil had a lower risk of developing breast cancer and cancer of the digestive system than those with the lowest intake. Olive oil supplies our health benefits. Olive oil contains polyphenols that can help prevent the development and progression of certain types of cancer through the antioxidant process. The using olive oil in cooking has been shown to help make blood vesels stronger, reduce the risk of depression, maintain proper cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of breast cancer and some symptoms of Alzgeimer’s.

In addition, olive oil has the ability to reduce inflammation, which can help prevent pancreaitis, liver damage or enteritis. Olive oil also cantains oleocanthal that can kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells.
You can use it over salads and cooked vegetables or try using it in your marinades for meat, fish or poultry.
6. Turmeric

Turmeric if not only a spice of food but also it has a great effects for health and beauty. In some test-tube studies, curcumin that was found in turmeric can decrease the pread of colon cancer cells by targeting a specific enzyme related to cancer growth. Curcumin is soluble fat, so it can be most effective
when it comes to processing foods with healthy fats. Many studies showed that black pepper helps boost absorption of curcumin into the blood.
Turmeric can help prevent diferent forms of cancer, lower cholesterol, improve liver function, protect our body against Alzheimer’s disease, reduce intestinal inflammation and fight depression.
7. Walnuts

Walnuts contains a huge of Alpha Lincolenic, Omega-3 fatty acids that are able to inhibit the activity of cancer cells and slow the growth of tumors. When Omega-3 enters our body, it will quickly promote the effect of preventing free radical formation- obe of the leading causes of cancer.

How to eat walnuts to treat cancer?
On the advice of experts, with a beneficial fruit like walnuts , a person needs 30grams – about 8-10 fruits per day. You can eat snacks in the morning and afternoon by peeling the shell then eat the kernel. You also eat walnuts by processing with many other dishes to help keep up the boredom such as chocolate filling, dipping with milk, roasting with sesame ,….
8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are propably one of the better- known types of food that fight cancer. Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which helps protect the body’s DNA from cancer- causing damage. Cooking tomatoes makes the lycopene more readily available to the body. Tomatoes are also high in alpha-tomatine, a
phytonutrient that has been shown to hinde growth of cancer cells. Everyone should eat tomatoes, raw and cooked.
9. Garlic

The nutrients profile of garlic includes surfur, arginine, flavonoids, selenium and others. Garlic has activity against cancer cell proliferation by creating cell cycle changes. Garlic and its organic allyl sulfur components have been shown to effectively inhibit cancer cell progression. The most interesting fact is that effect of garlic is not limited to a specific tissue or a specific carcinogen. It reduces the activation of carcinogens of cancer.
The proper mechanism of AND regeneration is important in the prevention and control of cancer, including breast cancer. Garlic extract has been shown to be effective in promoting positive activity of DNA replication.
Each food supplies some vitamins. Each of Vitamins is known because a deficiency causes a specific illness. Therefore, it is not possible to say for certain which foods can fight cancer completely. We need to live healthy so that our body has a strong immune system to prevent disease.