There are so many dogs that need adopting

There is just something about dogs that makes us way more attached.

I’m trying to adopt a dog right now… But this place has a 2 page 60 question paper you have to fill out? Asking everything about income and they need to come to your house before they will give you the dog?

Yet they complain about being over crowded?In my experience, all dogs are heartbroken but pits and pit mixes (like this baby) are the most emotional.

I don’t know why but they are the most attached- I know this from my own adoptions of different breeds. There is just something about them that makes them way more attached.

  1. Please send a lot of love for my baby.
  2. My family adopted a dog
  3. I believe in the power of positive thoughts or prayers or whatever you want to call it.
  4. “how much free stuff do you need to keep your dog at home.”
  5. Adopt poor dog found in the squatter camps
  6. Adopt Poor Dog from my neighbor in an apartment building
  7. Adopt Husky he being pushed out of a car and left behind.
  8. Dog’s world is crazy..get a tiny bit or freedom to walk
  9. Adopt dog on parking lot – He is truly a special dog

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