Top 10 trending nail polishes in 2019

Do you need a nail inspiration for your nails?

Right. You come to the true place!
With a nice nails, not only you look gorgeous, but you are so special. We love nails and we know you love them too.
We have founded together the top nail designs trending from the spring-summer runways and from Facebook and Instagram of the most-talented nail artists. These trending designs work on short nails and long nails- it truly nothing can hinder you being beautiful and diferent.
The list below constains biggest nail trends and ideas from Facebook and Instagram.
1. Pink nails with patterns
Pink nails always look sweet and you can make it is so amazing by diferent designs. You can create as a super stylist design by change the dark and light of pink or the patterns such flowers, stars, letters, …
Looking at the trendy nails below: this is created by light pink and pattern colors. It is so artistic and perfect for ladies style.
Recently, everyone is enjoying the light pink nail with stars. 3D stars on the light pink nails is the gorgeous design for you be prety and elegant. This design is also easy to make and recreate when it is old.
With pink you can make different by floral nail. With floral you can mix glam, zigzag to have a pretty design. You are more feminine and gravity.
In a night party ouside, you can use this design include: gems, shards and glitter.

2. Blue gel nails
With the trend of 2019, blue gel has been tranformed by beautyful lover.
We can create blue in many wonderful nail ideas by combining with the motifs to become fashionable and newer. Bold blue, light bue, blue glitter or mix with white glitter ombre based on your style. We pulled for you some designs from short nails to long nail as below. You are a girl who want stylist and sparrky nails can refer.

3. Grey nails
You will have a wedding or a holiday season, grey gel nail is the perfect choice. Make sure that everyone envys.
This style also suits to girls who love the casual stylish. This is a great choice for whom has skin picking a color.

4. Black ombre nails
And nextly, we have the stylish black and glitter look.

This is the basic nail polish color that almost girls should try. Not only it make the skin to lighten, it also gives you a stylish and attractive style, brings a personality, mystery and nobility for you.
This idea creates an ombre look and result we have a glam and statement making. We can mix with different colors.

5. Glitter green
Green idea is trending. In the raining day in the summer, your green nail is the sunshine in the wet day.
Green represents hope, full of vitality and inspiration for life.
Green shade will go with any other color which is suit. Even though just dark green , you can have a cool look without the glitter.

6. Orange nails

Why not try? If you are a fun and stylish person, make sure that you love this color. Specially, this is a perfect design for ladies who go to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s try!!!
This orange color is never out of fashion because of ít great elegance. Light and bright colors always bring natural beauty and not fussy for you. It is suitable for all circumstances, all skin colors, every outfit, especially for girls who love youthful is also a reasonable choice.
For example, bold orange gel nails as below is so suitable in the summer.

7. Glitter purple
With this nails, we add a stylish splash of color to your collection. Some different purples and bright glitter will suit in any occasion.
Beautiful purple nail models can make you become sweet and charming, romantic in the wedding. In addition, you can also present nice purple nail models to the office, walking on the street or at the party, which are gentle and attractive.

8. Red gel
Red deverves to be the trend of 2019, specially red mix lace. You want to be glam, this gives you a gorgeous look. The pattern can be recreated with nail tape. And you can make the lace design by buying nail stickers in the Internet.
A burgundy nails is one of the red nails idea. This color is never out of date. How gorgeous you are!
Imagine! With the cold weather of the coming autumn and winter, warm colors such as burgundy has been used beatuty to help the chilly atmosphere become warm and closer. This color can mix with any patterns to be more fashionable.

9. Glitter Clear gel nails

For a special occasion such as a party, you look so amazing by your nails. Clear gel bring a sense of noble and luxury equally any type of paint nails picky. Glittle Clear gel really makes a strong inspiration for your nails.
You can try clear gel nails mix any glitter color. Make sure that you are glam and beautiful.

10. Nude nails
Nude color nail polish is becoming one of the popular nail color in the beauty community. If you desire a luxurious beauty but still gentle and elegant for your hands, this color nails makes sure belong to you.
Anyway, if you have a dark skin, you don’t have to worry about choosing this nude color nail. Not only it bring tone to your skin but also it makes you look more luxurious and noble.

2019 has passed ¼ and it is the time for you to make an diference idea for the rest of the year. If you have prepared a beautiful outfit, a new pair of shoes with appropriate accessories, the one you are missing is a nail set that help you shine in the crowd. Personality, classis, young, … you can change your nails on a regular basic according to your thoughts. You absolutely can do all types of nails as you desire.

Do you need a nail inspiration for your nails? Right. You come to the true place! With a nice nails, not only you look gorgeous, but you are so special. We love nails and we know you love them too. We have founded together the top nail designs trending from the spring-summer runways and from … Continue reading Top 10 trending nail polishes in 2019