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People in Slow Food understand that food is an environmental issue.

It seems everyone wants to know if I have an eating disorder, and playing an anorexic character on ‘Make it or Break It’ probably didn’t help much. To set the record straight, I certainly do not have an eating disorder. I think as anyone can gather, I love food, and it is not just a front to cover up the fact that I don’t eat any.

For me, Eid means having lots of yummy food.

Forget the fake syrupy stuff. Melt down a bar of chocolate, mix it into some warmed up whipping cream, and put it on top of ice cream. Add some sprinkles, and you’ve got a delicious treat.

It is difficult to get organic food at most restaurants, so when possible, eat at home. When not, do your best.

I’m kind of obsessed with food. I like to eat.

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  • Elvira Haydter: The Government of China should give her an Award for sharing to the World “China’s History And Traditional Food Recipes.”
  • Lahkesis Nyx: Alot of people are copying her and reposting her videos . She works really hard on her videos . I only support this channel and only your beautiful videos . Thank you plenty for sharing your life with us
  • Fang Jia: if I could, I would recommend liziqi’s videos for Oscar nomination. These documentary videos are absolutely inspiring. and them came with incredible quality, the content, the camera, the music, the decoration, the dress… and all are magnificent, and a instant classic.
  • essahibi hafsae: I hope to live such a quiet life away from trouble and noise, I can eat healthy food and taste and inhaled clean air and even calm and quietness of the soul …. I’m tired
  • isme eiger: what she baked is traditional moon cake, Chinese eat moon cake at middle autumn festival day, the drink at the beginning of the clip is Osmanthus flavored wine. In Chinese myth, a goddess called 嫦娥 betrayed her god husband 后羿 after her husband shot down 9 Suns to save mortal people‘s lives,they are taken away their powers and could never return to heaven,a revenge from Sun’s father, the almighty ruler of heaven. but another powerful god want to help this couple because they saved a lot of people‘s lives, so he gave them double doses of elixir to make them immortal again, if one of them drink both share, he(she) will have the power to return to heaven , 嫦娥 missed heaven so much, she swallowed both share of elixir when 后羿 fell asleep, her body became weightless and flew to heaven, left her husband dying in mortal world. her selfishness made gods very angry, they didn’t allow her to live in heaven and exiled her to the moon, a cold and lonely place,only let a rabbit be with her.she had to stay there alone till the end of the world. so when the full moon coming in middle autumn, chinese family shall reunion and ease the missing of relatives,enjoy moon cake and the beauty of moon.elders will tell kids the story generation by generation.don’t be like the selfish 嫦娥 living in a forever cold palace with no one to talk. the Osmanthus flavored wine is about another myth, a low level god(吴刚) made a mistake , he was punished to chop down a Osmanthus tree on the moon, but every bit he chopped, the Osmanthus tree recovered immediately, only when the tree is chopped down could he leave that cold place, he’s still chopping that tree till today, a chinese version of Sisyphus’s mission. In the very early stage of Chinese civilization, the moon is symboled as a toad, the sun is symboled as a raven with three legs(三足金乌). Hey,Martin, where does your three-eyed raven come from?:)
  • bush Wookiee: i’m 26 years in tv production, my composition and framing is very literal, I’m impressed with her subtle composition almost impressionism…she’s my mentor..
  • Michael Gerald: Her videos have the perfect blend of style, elegance, simplicity, class, innocence, perfection and cultural values. I love her videos. Her silence speaks a thousand words.
  • syncmaster915n: Watching again in 2019. Happy Moon cake Festival, guys!
  • Sunshine Everywhere: I love your videos. love from india
  • moga moga: 好干净利落的手法,绝不矫揉造作,真正不是那种摆个仙女姿势,拍个装逼照的假仙女。看了真叫人佩服,也叫人思考。
  • Мария Симанская: It’s wonderful. I don’t even know what to say. It’s an art.
  • 陳可潔: 子柒感覺能優雅的完成任何事
  • 胡憶君sara: 感觉子染比我们这些城市里的房子更亲切更舒适更好
  • 王wlt: 中秋快樂,李子柒好美喔~
  • big fat bunny 大胖兔加油: 神仙级别的视频
  • fifi leeteuk: omg ur videos and ur channel are amaziiiiiiiing
    very relaxing
    i cant stop watching ur videos
  • brad miller: I can’t tell if this is a fantastic cooking video, a wonderful cultural video, or a spectacular film making video. Probably all of the above. Art. Capital A. Amazing.
  • Fathima Tanha: I love the pots and plates they are using…nd also it’s
  • 賽劉禪: 比一整個團隊拍的還好,竟是一個人拍的,絕對要給妳按讚
  • Carina Woo: 爷爷奶奶辈就是这样生活的,现在才感觉真美好,等我老了也要这样,说不定也做个博主哈哈,天天研究做好吃的
  • Tam Nguyen: I meditate to your videos.
  • Raveena khan: Idk what you are making but i found your page today its really so satisfying to see your videos i really love it.
    Its 3:32 am and i am still watching.
    I lovr it srsly
  • Hideko S: 我真为你的优雅气质感动着,你的那甁花毫无做作地美丽着,吸引着我的眼球;你的所有道具是那么别致….一切都很美很美。
  • 朱夏shuka: 日本でも有名になって欲しい
  • auroara x: 祝你能一直这么美好,这种美的女子不多了 自然 温婉
  • 林荫明: 仙气飘飘的背后 是持久的踏实,努力和真正的热爱生活
    每次看到子柒利落的手法 真的佩服 学习!感受手作的温度与美
    也感谢子柒 绘出了我们的梦❤️❤️❤️
  • Ie Zou: 看時感覺很舒服
  • SHUMAILA KHAN: Amazing make some more videos..i spent my whole free in watching ur videos its give warm feeling of nature..and i like all the utensils u used to make food?
  • Sophia Xu: 苏州人表示鲜肉月饼特别好吃
  • Vivis Yjichi: Seriously, your videos helps me with my depression and anxiety too.
    Can you imagine this??
    Thank you.
  • Circle Crop: 嬋娟輪懸古屋上美級了, 也讓我想起鄧麗君的歌~但願人長久
  • Shen Lee: 怕是嫦娥转世吧!优雅的做了月饼然后飞走!
  • Cristian Cardona: Te amo eres el amor de mi vida ❤️
  • daisy bora: Just one word “beautiful” ? your videos are so heavenly .relaxing. peaceful .heart touching. Simple. Directly touch my soul. Body. Mind…. What to say. Please don’t stop making videos like this.. Love you ❤
  • Nana Yang: So far I knew the sweet moon cake, now I know the salty one. Thank, Liziqi.
  • Phanomsak Tomjai: I love this channel ,although I don’t know chinese language. pls translate to English. <3 Thailand
  • Chelsea Goh: 仙女下凡
  • 思為公: 秀外慧中羞了草,
  • 东哥吐泡泡Ooo: 小姐姐,这座山都是被你承包了吧?
  • Joshua Weasenforth: She is so beautiful. This life is empty without her. I love you, Szechuan Province!
  • 拿糖糖換你: 中秋快乐( ̄∇ ̄)
  • Liyuan: 0:34 Shameplant! My favorite plant to play with as a kid
  • MiewMiew Mini Tini Vimpi Kitchen Noi Noi♡*^ .-): 3:51 interesting, Thank you much?
  • Andrew Andy: Video content: 6
    Music: 2
    Beautiful scene: 2
  • HuiYong Su: 一襲白衣裙,真似仙女下凡一般!
  • G S R: Everything you make is so artistic and healthy!
    Scottish lady ❤️
  • Rona Jean Arroz: I really like the thought of shes not going to the market to get all the engridients that she needed in cooking ? and also, i love here sorroundings that full of veges, herbs and fruits.. i really adore her on how she manage all of those chores and by cooking a delicious meals ??
  • Jay H: Love the music and the pace of the video – slow and relaxing.
  • triumphmanful: Again I am awe struck. This is beautiful food for the soul !
  • TREVOR SMITH: I think I have watched every single of her videos…..so beautiful and good. Thank you. Keep sharing..
  • 李承軒: 土豪也享受不到的
  • sandra brown: So beautiful. The song and ending of this video . Wonderful!!!
  • Faizin Absarina: I was dreaming about if i and you will live together someday , sweetie ?
  • Nathaniel Clark: I didnt think one could feel so much love for someone they’ve never truly known. Then I found this channel.
  • Spirity Lee: 中秋快乐!
  • A Gypsy Circle: The singing at the end is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy the mooncakes! They look so delicious!
  • 夜雨樱: 想要这样的一套木质玩具哈哈
  • باراكورد مصري: God!!! You’re pretty ?
  • alex: This is so relaxing ?
  • Li Yin: 你是个天才美少女。你做的东西在淘宝全可以买到不。我喜欢你做的酱还有蚕丝被。
  • Sindy Lowry: This looks so delicious. I almost reached my hand through my phone to taste one.
  • zenourain malik: I feel u spell magic !! I cant stop watching you … Ur perfection has left me in awe !!!
  • 中西频道Teresa: 小的时候在外婆家(在乡下),每当桂花开了我和姐姐就回去采来给外婆泡茶喝,好喜欢小时候的生活住在乡下的什么东西摘来洗了就能吃。可是现在要担心这个担心那个。好想回到那段时光啊!
  • លក្ខិណា សឿង: Can’t read chinese but a hundred percent like!!!!
  • sky 1187: I been watching her videos without close caption. All this time I’m trying to understand what she is saying. Gees
  • Yaqi Mo: 她做得视频在一众网红当中还是挺特别的。很有自己的风格,仙气漫漫,看着很舒心。
  • Alejandra Parker: Peace and blessings.
    ? Lovely!
    8/10/18. 3:10PM??
  • Abidha Basheer: I would love to see how you do laundry and cleaning house….
  • linh diệu: tell me the name of the song, i really forget it. i remember i heard sometimes from Hoắc Tôn on Sing My Song Chinese
  • Jessica Sison: I enjoy watching your videos, so peaceful and relaxing ❤️
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  • Huda Noor: Superb mam I’m watching ur videos with my neice he loves seeing ur work, he is inspird by u, love from alman from pakistan
  • Garry Martin: Most beautifully girl lovely amazing that is what life is all about don’t sit on the couch do something live life
  • ali karkri: I love this live live with nature directly give it and take it without an intermediary
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  • M Shf: what is that? Dimsum? ? I really love your every videos. Hugs from Indonesia.
  • Hanna Vieira .: Que maravilha!
    Como posso ir conhecer este lugar ?

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Every two months, I allow myself a splurge day where I eat thick, doughy pizza from Pizzeria Uno or an ice cream sundae from my store with birthday-cake ice cream, Marshmallow Fluff, and toppings mixed in.

Strawberry Cake Wallpaper – Wood Food Background

I don’t think it ever does any harm in any business to feel that there is someone there who cares about it. If you look at any business, fashion being the most obvious, the aura, or the reality of the designer, is part of what creates it. It’s true in luxury goods stores and in good food stores. It leaves a palpable sense that someone cares.

Around 10:30 or 11, I’ll make poached eggs and maybe some Brussels sprouts – kind of random, but delicious. Sometimes I’ll do bacon. I’ve been on a more fat/protein diet with fewer carbs and less saturated stuff, which has actually been feeling really good.

Cereal Wallpaper – New Cake Wallpaper

I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered. I feed my daughter almost exclusively organic food.

My curiosity and love for food started at an early age. My mother was a working mom, so I learned to whip up sweet and savory food using everyday pantry and grocery store ingredients that required little supervision.

Bbq Wallpaper Hd – Kawaii Ice Cream Wallpaper

Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy on the road, especially on the days when we play fairs and festivals! There is lots of fried temptation there, and it’s hard for this Southern girl to turn down some good fried food.

Ironically, when I was in Dubai with the BBC ‘Good Food Show,’ even though it’s an urban area, when you see the vast panorama from the top of the Burj Khalifa, it feels remote, as if it’s just sprung up out of the desert. I like Dubai. I didn’t think I would, but the food and the people were great.

Cheesecake Wallpaper – Cherry Fruit Wallpaper

Climate change, if unchecked, is an urgent threat to health, food supplies, biodiversity, and livelihoods across the globe.

Now, if you notice how the swan, putting its neck down into the deep water, brings up food for itself from below, then you will discover the wisdom of the Creator, in that He gave it a neck longer than its feet for this reason, that it might, as if lowering a sort of fishing line, procure the food hidden in the deep water.

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