About The Son Network

The mission of The Son Network is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the meat trade in Vietnam and provide them with loving homes in the Canada.

Working with trusted rescues and shelters in Vietnam, we first remove the dogs from imminent harm, treat the physical and psychological injuries from severe abuse and neglect, and socialize the dogs so that they can be integrated into loving family environments.

Then, in partnership with other rescues in the Canada, we locate adoptive for the dogs and arrange transportation of the dogs from Vietnam to their new forever families in the Canada.

Finally, we hope that, through our rescue efforts, we also shine a light on the dog meat trade in Vietnam and other countries and, thereby, encourage others to advocate for the end of the dog meat trade and speak up for those who have no voice.

As we reflect on the progress of the mission to save dogs, we are thankful for everyone’s support. Everything the organization does relies

We never say no to any dog – mixed breeds, banned breeds, disabled dogs and seniors. We try to rescue them all. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the public’s continued support.